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Don't Trust Your RO Water!

When brewing light colored beers such as Saisons, Blonde Ales, Pale Ales or IPAs, I like starting off with Reverse Osmosis (RO) water and controlling the water profile for an appropriate mash pH and for flavor using a few additions such as Calcium Chloride and gypsum salts as well as food grade Phosphoric Acid.

RO Water is meant to serve as a great baseline for your additions, beceause it is stripped out of most minerals, providing the brewer with a blank canvas to build the water profile for the beer being brewed.

However, today, I was faced with a disturbing inconsistency that threw off my numbers and assumptions. Here’s the story.

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What in the World Is That Off-flavor?

After a couple of years brewing I came across one of the biggest difficulties in my brewing to date. A bold, in your face, undeniable off-flavor had plagued my (home) brewhouse. The flavor was medicinal, plastic-like, pool-like and very completely overruling. I lost three 5 gallon batches of homebrew, and this is the story of my quest to find out what was the cause.

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