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Brew Day: Salty Dog Gose

I have been itching to bring in some critters into my brewery that weren’t saccharomyces for a little while. I’ve been making a bit of research and finally decided to jump right in. I think a Gose (or a Berliner Weisse for that matter) are a great way to start this journey, because it does not require long aging periods, and with hot side souring, it can reduce the chance of infecting brewery equipment with bacteria.

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Brew Day: Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout

I started thinking about the holidays at year-end and wanted to brew something that is a bit heavier and delicious for the colder weather. I decided to go with an imperial stout. A beer like this needs to be let to sit for a few months to let it peak, which means it’s time to brew it now. I plan on transfering this beer to secondary or a keg in about three weeks and let it mature there until late November.

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Brew Day: Independence Saison

Today I brewed a variation on a recipe that I’ve worked on for some time. This beer is being brewed for a special professional event. I’ll be given the chance to talk about the brewing process, and given the audience is engineers and bio-medical scientists I might dive into water chemistry and focus on that.

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Brew Day: Drink With the Flies IPA V2

I recently brewed an IPA using only New Zealand and Australian hop varieties. I was shooting for a very light colored, clear, crisp, and fruity IPA to enjoy in the summer. Here’s a photo. I used a very simple grain bill consisting of 50/50 domestic 2-row and pilsener malts, and added a half pound of wheat to aid in head retention.

For hops, I used Waimea, Australian Summer and Nelson Saivan as follows:

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